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Hi friends, are you searching for yowhatsapp latest version? then you are at the right place. here you can download and install yowhatsapp latest version v7.40. You can download the latest version of yowhatsapp from below links and install it without any problem.


we use social media in our daily life for almost everything. when it comes to messaging apps  WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app by Facebook.whatsapp is free to use and we can use it without irritating ads. WhatsApp gives many more features than any other messaging app now available. but anyway WhatsApp still lacks in some features and options. that’s why developers make mods for WhatsApp. yowhatsapp is one of the popular WhatsApp mod like GB WhatsApp.here you can download the new version of yowhatsapp.


yowhatsapp is a WhatsApp mode with lots of more features than the stock WhatsApp app.you can use yowhatsapp as second WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet.yowhatsapp works with stock WhatsApp version so you don’t need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp. that way you can use 2 WhatsApp on your android device.

yowhatsapp always comes with new features that not available on official WhatsApp version like hiding online status blue ticks second ticks etc. install Dolby Atmos on your android device.


features of yowhatsapp

here I list some best features of yowhatsapp.read this features list to know more about yowhatsapp and why you need to install yowhatsapp on your android device.

  • Customization –  the best thing about yowhatsapp is the customization, you can customize almost everything in yowhatsapp.yowhatsapp allows you to change themes and change the appearance of your WhatsApp. there are hundreds of yowhatsapp themes are available on the internet. you can download those themes and install it to your yowhatsapp interface.
  • Inbuilt App lock– another thing about yowhatsapp is app lock. yowhatsapp come with good and strong inbuilt app lock. so you don’t need to download and set an extra app locker to secure your WhatsApp privacy, yowhatsapp itself do this job for you.
  • Privacy– yowhatsapp always concerned about your privacy. if don’t want to show your online status to your contacts then you can them off in the settings menu and you can also turn off blue ticks second ticks and status.
  • Send messages to anyone– this is the best thing about yowhatsapp you send messages to any WhatsApp user even without his or her WhatsApp number. he or she only needs to be registered on WhatsApp servers.

Some other yowhatsapp features


yowhatsapp is filled with some cool features so you can use this moded WhatsApp version for your other purposes.

  • Media sharing – Yowhatsapp allows you to send your media files without being compressed. you can send your photos to your friends with full and original resolution. yowhatsapp also allows you to send files size up to (video) 700mb. so you can send your video files to your friends without trimming the video file.
  • privacy on calls– the worst thing about WhatsApp is getting unwanted spam calls and messages, with stock WhatsApp you can block messages from unwanted numbers, but what about calls. you cant find an option to block unwanted WhatsApp calls. don’t worry yowhatsapp will help you to block calls from unwanted numbers.
  • Chat pinning – yowhatsapp allows you to pin chats. stock WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to pin custom chats.

yowhatsapp  changelog



Download yowhatsapp latest version

download yowhatsapp latest version from below link.

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How to install yowhatsapp

  1.  Download yowhatsapp from above links
  2. tick unknown sources from  settings- security- unknown sources
  3. install yowhatsapp
  4. now enter the number and verify

that’s it you have successfully installed yowhatsapp on your android device enjoy 1

Download GBwhatsapp latest version 6.30 from here

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