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What Is Androrat Apk And How To Prevent Androrat hack Attacks

Androrat apk

Today we are here to discuss with an android app called Androrat apk. Androrat app is an android remote administrating and controlling tool, means with this app anyone can control remote android devices. So let’s check how to use Androrat apk and how to prevent yourself from Androrat attacks.

Now There are Billions of people’s are Using Android Smartphones around the world. Android One of the most popular and widely used Mobile operating system because of its Customization features and easy user interface. But What when it comes to security?. Are you sure your Android device is not malware attacked?.

Android device can be  easily attacked by Android rat tools

What is Androrat Apk or Android rat Tool

Androrat apk

Androrat apk is an android application developed by four college students for their project works and later named as Androrat app. It allows you to access remote android devices and its data like Contacts list, SMS logs, And even files stored in external flash cards.

Androrat app can give you full information about the affected device like EMEI number Location etc..

Use android multi tools to remove any pattern locks or pin locks without losing data

Features Of Androrat Apk

Androrat apk comes with some cool features and options lets check what are they

  • Get Full contact list of the Affected device
  • You can Vibrate the device with a single click
  • You can get Contact History (Call logs)
  • Compose and send a message
  • Access Message Inbox
  • Access Location By Network And GPS
  • Stream sounds and Videos
  • Capture Photos using Camera
  • Record Microphone

And much more features. Discover more features by yourself

How to Use Androrat Apk

We are Not responsible for anything happens to your device while using Apps mentioned here. This guide only for educational purpose. Use it at your own Risk.

You can use this app to test how this app works and how hackers are stealing precious data from your device. So let’s Check what are the requirements before installing and using androrat apk on your device.


  • A working computer system /Laptop
  • Java program must installed in the system
  • Turn Of all your antivirus programs  and firewalls software
  • Router
  • Fast Internet connection
  • An Android device (smartphone, tablet or any other Android device  to deploy rat file)

Download Androrat file from here –  Download 

Download Router Port Forwarder – Download

Steps to Use Androrat

Thing First thing you need to do is know your IP4 address to know your ip4 address Follow below steps

  1. Open a command prompt window  and type the command “ipconfig”  and press enter
  2. Now copy your ipv4 address
  3. The next step is to install Router port forwarder( install and open router port forwarder)
  4. After it detects your router, click the add button and add a name
  5. androrat apk.
  6.  set protocol as TCP and port as 8080. and paste your ipv4 address

Now you have to install an app in the android device. You can create your own android app for this . just goto androrat folder and click on androrat app binder

androrat apk

select bind+build option to create your app. after creating the app install it in the target android device..

From now you can easily control your android device androrat apk

Open anrorat server application and enter the port address. after that restart the app.

wait some time and it automatically gets connected

androrat apk

Yess.. everything is done, now you can select the connected device and send commands to the android device…

How To Prevent Androrat apk / Android rat attacks

To prevent attacks using Androrat apps you have to follow

  • Try not to download and install apps from third-party websites (download only from legitimate sites)
  • Don’t use Moded or cracked apps
  • Update device os and apps frequently
  • dont hand over your device to a stranger

it’s enough now you are 90% secure from androrat apk attacks.

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