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Upcoming best custom Roms for Redmi note 5/note 5 pro

custom roms for redmi note5

What is a custom ROM

Guys, here I list upcoming best custom ROMs for both Redmi note5 and note5 pro.

ROMs are read-only memories. when it comes to custom ROMs, custom ROMs refers to an Android device firmware, Android is open source and any developer can edit and make changes to ROM fils, like changing appearance, animations etc. sometimes installing a custom ROM may increase our device performance and stability. Custom ROMs are available for every device that runs on Android platform.

when you buy a new smartphone it comes with a preinstalled Stock OS.This type os has only limited features and functionalities.Installing a custom ROM may bring you more features and functions to your device and sometimes it will increase your device performance and stability.

Installation steps are different for every device but they are easy to can install a custom ROM for your device by using a custom recovery, adb tools or any other supporting flashing tools, flashing steps are different for ROMs. You have to follow every step carefully otherwise you end up with a boot loop or brick stage.

Why U Need a custom ROM

Installing a custom ROM will bring you more features and options and it will also come with great new styles and theming options. sometimes some ROMs will give you unlocked features.


custom ROMs will increase your device performance. some custom ROM includes tweaks to increase performance and speed.Installing a custom ROM will give you the power to overclock your device speed and increase performance.

Battery life

you can increase your android device battery life by installing a custom ROM. some custom ROMs will comes with ultimate battery saver options. you can also increase your device battery life by underclocking your device processor speed.


you can customize your Android device to a new look. installing custom ROMs will give you more tools to customize your device


customs Roms will always give you frequent updates than your stock Roms. in every update, they will bring some cool new features and options.

Upcoming Best custom ROMs for Redmi not5/note5 pro

custom roms for redmi note5


1 LineageOS for Redmi note5/note5 pro

LieageOS the biggest name in the custom Roms. Maybe some of you are not familiar with this name.but you may be familiar with the name cyanogen mode Roms. Cyanogen mode Roms are discontinued support and development. but the same team has kept the project alive with a new name called LineageOS.LineageOS is a stand-alone Rom. This Rom includes all basic features and options with more customization functionalities. like editing status bar notification drawer etc.

2 Ressurection Remix for Redmi note5 /note5 pro

Ressurection remix is one of the most famous and popular custom ROM. resurrection has tons of customization tools.Ressurection remix develops custom Roms with LineageOS, Slim os, paranoid os source codes.

3 SlimRoms For Redmi note5/note5 pro

SlimRoms custom Roms are the most lightest custom ROM with great functionalities.SlimRoms includes custom sliders, dialers.The newer version for redmi note 5 and note 5 pro will be released soon.

4 ViperOS

ViperOs is another famous custom ROM which is simple and neat rom.viperos can give better battery life and performance.recently they updated their source code to the latest Android 8.0.

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