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Tips to save battery life on MIUI 9

MIUI 9  has released recently by xiaomi for their Android devices and most of the xiaomi devices are now getting an update to newest MIUI9, I am here to show you some tips to save your battery life on MIUI9. while you are using latest version MIUI you may suffer battery lose. so here is my post to save more battery life.
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Tips to save battery life on MIUI9

Today xiaomi is the biggest mobile brand in the market and Their UI is the most loved one 
MIUI9 is a major update from xiaomi recently.And some of their old devices still facing problems with battery life like faster battery drainage.
  • Disable Apps you don’t use – This is the first thing you have to do. sometimes apps you may don’t use eat a lot of battery in the background. so just disable those apps. some of the preinstalled apps eat your battery more than you think.
  • Turn off auto synchronization –  sometimes automatic sync eats your battery so its good to turn off or deactivate synchronization from your account settings.
  • Use battery economizer 9 – you can use default battery economizer to save your battery life. Go to MIUI battery system applications and chose the system battery economizer 
  • Turn off unwanted permissions-  go to settings in the permission settings and check all applications if they have any unwanted permissions allowed. if any of them got unwanted permissions then simply remove permission like location access.
  • Disable apps that really start from the beginning – you have to disable apps that start when your device booted up. select those apps and desable them.
you have to use these steps to save your battery life on miui9 

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