How to speed up your android device performance in 2018
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Hi friends today I am here with some cool tips to speed up your android device performance and improve phone speed in 2018. you can use these tips to increase your android device speed and decrease battery consumption to save more battery life in 2018. These tips will also help you to avoid most of the hanging problems and performance issues.

Follow my guide to know how to speed up your android device performance in 2018

How to speed up your android device performance

First of all, you need know full details about your Android device like the battery capacity, processor speed, Ram capacity, android version, Internal storage, resolution and other performance related things. this will help you to adjust the settings and increase your android device performance. Also, check how to format or delete data from a stolen Android device

Uninstall or disable unwanted Apps and bloatware

Install apps that meet your system requirements and ram capacity, never install Big apps that your device can’t load and execute. Installing unwanted apps and big apps will affect your device performance and battery capacity. Uninstall bloatware to increase your android device performance. Bloatware is apps which pre-installed by mobile manufactures, most of the time you have no use with apps so it’s better to uninstall bloatware from your Android device. You need root access to remove bloatware from your device. You can also disable unwanted apps from your Android device by going Settings->Apps if you don’t uninstall unwanted apps and bloatware from your device than those apps will run in the background.

Update Your Android device And apps

Most of the time updating your Android device to a new version will bring you more performance and battery life. Try to update your device with official OTA release.Installing other customs may bring you additional features sometimes it will cost your device performance and battery life. if you are using MI device then try to install updates from MI official OTA updates. you can check for new updates for your device by going Settings>About>Updates.  

Always update your apps to the new version so you will get more stability and battery capacity. every update will bring you more stability and performance. Updating your device and apps to anew version will also make your device more secure than before. so its good to update your device and apps to a new version.

Use High-class memory cards

We always use mem cards for extra space. so we can store our favorite photos and videos but what about its speed. Have you think about the speed of your memory cards. Normally mem cards are classified by their capacity and access speed. when the matter comes to the speed it will be again classified by their speed class like class 4, class 6, class10 etc. So always try to use memory cards with higher class at least class6 to get more performance and data transfer speed.

Reduce widgets and don’t use Live wallpapers

Adding more widgets to your device will make your device to execute more programs. Because widgets may give stylish looks to your device but most of the time they will run in the background and reduce your device performance and battery capacity.Turning off live wallpapers will also give you more battery time and performance

Turn off unwanted wireless connectivities and automatic sync

Turn off unwanted wireless connectivities like wifi Bluetooth, Infrared, Mobile data etc. turning unwanted wireless connectivities will make your device run slower and eat lots of your battery. So turn off those unwanted wireless connectivities to save more. Turn offing automatic syncing will also give you more battery can disable auto sync by going Settings->Accounts.

Clean junk / temporary files

cleaning files like temporary files will give you more performance. if you don’t clean junk files from your device then it will surely slow down your device so cleaning junk files and temporary files are good for your android device and free up more disk space. you can clean junk files by installing apps like clean master

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