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Open G Apps Now Supports Latest android version 8.1 Oreo

open google apps

Open G Apps are now compatible with android 8.1 oreo

G apps or Google apps are essential in custom ROMs. developers never include G apps package in their custom ROMs like lineageOS because custom ROMs come under open source license but in the case of G apps package, they come with the license of google. that’s why custom ROM developers cant include them with their builds

previously, there are lots of G app packages have been popular. ‘ParanoidAndroid’ was one of the most widely used G Apps packages, but lately, Google discontinued those packages in 2015. that’s the time for open google apps packages took place where ‘Paranoid Android ‘ left.

Open G Apps packages are fully developed by writing build scripts that allow the package automatically updates. This is a unique feature of open g apps package. According to Open G Apps developers, their Open G Apps package development process is open source.

Since the released date Open G Apps became the most recommended and widely used G Apps allows choosing platforms like ARM64, ARM, X86.

Open G Apps supports android version  4.4 KitKat to latest version android 8.1 Oreo. The release of Most widely used custom ROM LineageOS 15.1 increased the interest of custom Roms but they lack in google apps because of open google apps not released for 8.1 oreo.

but  From now custom ROM developers can use Open G Apps packages for their 8.1 Oreo-based custom Roms. Open G Apps packages are now compatible with latest android version 8.1 oreo.

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