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It is a known fact that the BitTorrent client runs with almost any sort of downloads. It is run over P2P
network. The qBittorrent is extensively compatible on numerous torrent and runs smoothly without
any lags and crashes. The qBittorrent is comprised of a pre blueprinted search engine console. On
top of that it is made even better by the creators as numerous filters by date, category etc. The user
interface of the qBittorrent showcases the entire array of the shared file and a user can open it at

More about the qBittorrent


qBittorrent is an application which is written in C++ language. Fo

r those of us who are not aware of
what is C++ it is a computer language. And hence a native application which is written using a Python
application. Without Python no application can be tested or even run.


1. Adding of torrent automatically
2. A media player which is pre-blueprinted in the application
3. It is an open source or a liberal application
4. Ability to show all the detailed information of qBittorent downloads
5. Holds a perfect web interface


1. Search results from the torrents are not alway precise.
2. It is because of this reason a user may get in touch of some other website which he may land
on by mistake.
3. This may result in some cases, downloading the irrelevant files.

The chronicle of the qBittorrent

The qBittorrent was authentically designed and programmed back in March 2006. The founder of
the qBittorrent is Christophe Dumez. He was a student of university of technology of Belfort-
Montbeliard. The university from which the founder belongs is based on France. The qBittorrent at
the moment is designed and developed by the most decorated contributors throughout the globe.
The fund required for its furthermore development is done through donations. It is lead by Sledgehammer a person from Greece who takes care of the entire project(assignment) from more than June 2013 (5+years).

The Highlights of the qBittorrent

1. The application is able to measure the internet speed or connection speed (bandwidth)
2. Combines or integrates the entire traffic to a specified platform
3. An ultimate administering or governing over various torrents, peers and trackers
4. The application is capable of downloading multiple files
5. Multiple downloading capability is decorated with the ability of prioritizing and ques of the
download qBittorent.
6. Designed to run efficiently on various platforms such as Macintosh, OS/2, Windows and
even Linux.
7. Various types of ports such as LSD, pex, DHT, UPnP along with NAT-PMP are supported and
is compatible with the qBittorrent
8. Besides that it is supporting the magnet, ,private torrents and µTP links.
9. It successfully supports filtering of various IPs
10. It is able to filter various IP
11. Combined reader of RSS feeds with super automation of downloader and downloaded files
12. Combined search torrent engine with multiple search ability of Torrent sites and class of
search requests.
13. An advanced remote control or remote access via the secure (private) internet interface for
user comfort
14. Has the ability to download the multiple files in perfect order
15. Has the capability for super seeding while downloading
16. Capable of torrent generation mechanism administering
17. Prioritizing queuing and filtering or Torrents
18. The application runs on multiple language (70 of them to be exact)


The qBittorrent portable is the most complete in itself application which is a download manager
efficient in lightning fast speed downloading of various files. Irrespective of the size of the files it can
handle the broken or failed downloads which is large in size.

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