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#11 Msn Free Online Games That You Need to Play Right Now

Msn Free Online Games
Msn Free Online Games

Feeling Bored? Wanna play some casual games? Look nowhere else as I introduce you with 11 best MSN free online games. Wherever you are, whatever device you have, be it a Laptop or Smartphone, these games are always available for you to play.

Are you ready to find out about the best #11 MSN free online games? If yes, then proceed with reading this post:

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Microsoft Solitaire Collection

When it comes to the most played computer games, how can anyone forget a classic game like Solitaire?

I remember playing this game for the 1st time in PC with Windows XP. Although, Microsoft introduced this game way back in 1990 on the Windows OS 3.0.

That was about me. What about you? Have you played a card game called Solitaire before? If you haven’t then you love playing this game with simple rules and straightforward gameplay.

That’s one of the reasons why I would recommend this game to anyone who just wants to play a casual game.

Now, even after several years of its official release, the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Solitaire is added to the #1 list of MSN free online games. Why not so as it gives the best experience with five different card games.

These are the 5 different modes available in this MSN free online games:


With fewest possible moves, you’ve to try to clear eight columns of cards.


Pair any two cards that sum up to 13. By doing so, those cards will be removed from the board.


This gaming mode is nothing but a classic version of “Solitaire”.


Either go up or down, make sure to select the cards in a sequence. This way you’ll earn points & clear the in-game board.


In this mode, you must clear all cards from the tables using 4 extra cells.

Although this game looks simple, but I can certainly say that you won’t be bored while playing this game as it gives you 4 levels of difficulty in all 5 gaming modes. After completing these challenges, you’re eligible to receive exclusive badges and rewards.

Deal or No Deal

I’m 100% sure, you might have got the idea of how this game would be. If I talk about myself, I found this game after watching a game show on the tv with the same name – Deal or No Deal.

This game is all about luck. You have to test your luck as it may lead you to win $1,000,000. Sounds interesting, right?

Well in the beginning of this game, you must set 1st suitcase aside. Meanwhile, you’ve to open all the remaining suitcases until you’re left with 2 briefcases. One that you chose at the beginning & the other one would be the remaining suitcases.

As you start opening the briefcases, the banker will give you offers to quit the game mid-way. The offer will be based on the probability of the amount that your chosen briefcase might have.

If you want to decline the offer made by the banker than you can reply with “NO DEAL”. This process goes on until you’re left with the last briefcase.

Microsoft Mahjong

The second game on the list of MSN free online games is Microsoft Mahjong. It’s a classic tile-matching game with more than 40 puzzles. Recently, developers of this game, have updated this game with gorgeous graphics & relaxing sound. With daily challenges, this new update has brought up a fresh look & feel. Now, you get to choose multiple visual themes in the game.

Level Up:

Similar to Microsoft Solitaire Collection, you can complete the puzzles in 4 different levels of difficulty. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this game offers something for everyone. Now, with the recent updates, you get a new undo feature in the game.

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to rewind the game to the last moment where the mistake was made.

Daily Challenges:

Complete daily challenges in Microsoft Mahjong & win badges in the form of prizes. Unlike the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, you get to complete these challenges with unique gameplay modes such as Golden Tiles. In this mode, your main aim is to uncover and match the hidden pairs of golden tiles.

Friendly Competition:

That’s the best thing about this game. You get to play this game along with your friends. Furthermore, you can even keep track of your personal stats.

10 x 10 Classic

Colorful Fun

10 x 10 is a classical & logical puzzle game but with a modern twist.

In this game, you’ve to navigate through a colorful experience & try to get the highest score possible.

The potential score is unlimited which makes you in playing this game again & again.

Master it!

10 x 10 is easier to play game. Yeah! I agree with this. However, if you’re thinking of becoming a master in this game then let me warn you, “It ain’t that much easy.” In this mode, you’ve to place the blocks on the 10×10 grid.

Any Row

Vertical line or a horizontal line, whatever you create, it will disappear.

Don’t Run Out of Room

While placing the blocks, if you run out of the room, there’re chances that the game might end abruptly.

Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjongg Dimensions
Mahjongg Dimensions

Sounds similar to Microsoft Mahjong, right? Don’t think of it as yet another Mahjong game.

It is a game, where you’ve to explore a completely hidden dimension.

So, buckle up to playing the classic tile-matching game & turning it into a spinning block of 3D puzzling. In this game, you’ve to match the symbols on all the sides before time runs out. Get additional points by going at a much faster pace.

Tile Matching

You can match any two same tiles that have 2 adjacent sides absolutely free. However, in case, a tile is blocked partially, you can simply get the preview of it by hovering the mouse.

Cube Rotation

In this game, you can even choose some additional cubes. Wanna know how to do this? Rotate the cubes & select additional tiles. That’s it!

Now, in case you’re wondering, you can rotate the cube by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Furthermore, at any point, if you get stuck, you can always click on the reshuffle button. All this game depends on how you manage the time. As soon as the timer runs out, your game will be over.

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

When it comes to talking about MSN free online games, how could I miss out on a collection of games in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games? You name it, it has a collection of famous word games like Windows: Crosswords, Word Twister & Wordament.

Furthermore, you can play this fun game to exercise your brain and relax at the same time.

Daily Challenges:

Earn special badges every month by completing daily challenges. Here, you can earn only 1 badge in a month.


Because of the popularity, it’s been released on platforms including iOS, and Android. So, if you want, you can find as many words you want of a 4×4 grid on your mobile devices.

Word Twister:

This is a game that lives up to its name – Word Twister. After playing this game, with full confidence, I can say this is a super-addictive game. In this game, you’ve got a stack of letter tiles. Use them to create proper English words.

Single Player Adventures:

You can play this game as solo & somehow if you’re thinking, it’ll be boring. Well, then let me remind you, even you play this game as a solo, you can play this game in multiple maps with full of adventure.

After winning each puzzle, you get a chance at earning 3 stars. You can unlock the next level only after unlocking at least 1 star.


Looking for a crossword game? Well, then, play this Microsoft Ultimate Word Games & get multiple board sizes, with lowest to the highest level of difficulty.



As the name suggests, Jigsaw is yet another puzzle game in which you solve jigsaw puzzles from the comfort of your own desktop. When it comes to the list of features, Jigsaw tops the list as its quite easy & enjoyable. Besides, you can always get to choose from three new & unique puzzles daily.

If at any point in time, you find the game to be easier than you can always switch to Normal, Hard or Advanced mode. To switch between the difficulty level, use navigational arrows & select Easy, Normal, Hard or Advanced difficulty. Now, turn off the rotate option & then click on start to begin the game.

After starting the game, don’t get too much confused with the interface. Solve the puzzle by selecting & dragging the pieces in the proper order to win the game.

Text Twist

A game where you have to use 6 jumbled letters & make as many words you want before time runs out.

So, find a word & advance to the next round.

Let me warn you, this game is too addictive. So, play at your own risk of getting addicted.



2048 is a tile game where you’ve to slide the numbered tiles to make the sum of 2048. Touch any two tiles with the same number to get a bigger number.

You’ve to continue doing this until you reach the final number of 2048. Play as much as you can for getting the highest possible scores.

Furthermore, you’re not restricted to play this game only on the desktop. Search for this game on Google Play Store & Apple app store, you’ll find several games similar to 2048. Download them now to play this addictive on your smartphones.

Bubble Mouse

It is the last entrant in the list of MSN free online games. In the game, you’re a mouse & will play the game as soon as the cat’s away from you. In this game, you’ve got a trusty canon & you’ve to use it for firing bubbles. Using this, you can make matches of 3 or more to clear the board. BY matching higher, you’ll get more coins. You can use them later to buy some more bubbles & extra bonuses.

Bounce and Swap

Get double points by bouncing the bubble off the wall. Press the space bar of your keyboard to swap the bubble in your cannon. By doing so, you’ll earn some extra coins which you can use to buy boosts in the game.

Beware the Cats

You can’t match or destroy the black cats as they’re special bubbles.  that can’t be matched or destroyed. However, you can clear all the bubbles that are above the black cats. By doing so, all the cats will start falling off the screen.

Bombs Away!

If you’ve earned some special points in the game, you can use them to buy some special bomb bubbles. You can use a bomb by clicking on the icon that is to the left side of yours. By using this, you can blast big chunks of bubbles with just one shot.

Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3
Bejeweled 3

Similar to any other puzzle game, you’ve to swap 2 adjacent puzzle pieces to create matching rows of identical gems. Bejeweled 3 glitters with all new HD-graphics, gameplay & powerful new Star Gem. In addition to this, you get all new all-new set of soundtracks.

To start this game in free mode, select the Classic mode. Start swapping 2 adjacent sides to create 3 or more identical gems. In this game, you get more points by aligning more gems.

Furthermore, by using certain combinations, you can unlock flame gem, star gem, & the hypercube. Using these gems, you can clear the board & advance to the next level of Bejeweled 3.

Final Words

That’s all for now. These are some MSN free online games that you can access on your PC & smartphones. If you find any mentioned here to be interesting, then do let me know in the comments section below.

Which game was your favorite?

And out of these games which one was the most addictive game for you.

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