Mind Blowing Artificial Intelligence apps for ios

Artificial Inteligence apps for ios

Are you still using those boring apps on your android phone? Do you need an app that can do something for you quickly? then now it is possible because a lot of high-quality artificial intelligence apps are released, They can do a lot of things for you. Well anyway, this is 2018 and AI is rolling over the world, let check the best 5 mind-blowing AI  apps for your phone.

Mug Life -[appbox appstore mug-life-3d-face-animator/id1093860285?mt=8]

the first app on our list is Mug Life, Mug life designed to convert your simple photos into Super realistic 3D animated photos. The app allows you to change every part of your face, like eyes mouth nose and ears. This app also can add different matching teeth and tongue to your face by using artificial intelligence. It can also be used to create funny memes and you can also add already created animations to your simple photos. You can save created picture into a gif format or simple jpeg format and also helps you to share it to your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. If want to do some more things on Mug life app then you have to buy the premium version of the app.

Polyjamer -[appbox appstore polyword/id1299707282?l=en&mt=8 ]

Next one is polyjamer. polyjamer is a funny app which will help you to create amazing music even you don’t have any experience in music.Polyjamer uses artificial intelligence feature to make wonderful music for you. you can select different styles like electro and pops. polyjamer has 4 bases like drum and melody. To make some music you need to tap on the screen an need to swap. you have to swipe up and down to increase the and decrease the pitch. Swipe left and right to control the beats. you can also record and share your music.

Portrait- [appbox appstore portrait-by-img-ly/id1207277088?l=de&mt=8]

Portrait is an image editing app which uses artificial intelligence to add some amazing filters to your simple pictures. It will transform your photos into a wonderful artwork.

Polyword- [appbox appstore polyword/id1299707282?l=en&mt=8]

Polyword lets you help to improve your English vocabulary in a funny way. You need to open the app and take a picture of an object and then it will use latest AI technology to identify the object and translate the name to your language.

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