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Instagram adding voice and video call features

insta new features

New features coming to Instagram

insta new features


Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used photos sharing network. Now Instagram faces competition from other social giants like snapchat and they are forced to add new features and options. Recently Instagram updated with features like GIF search, stories archives and much more.

Now Instagram preparing to take a big step with adding features like Voice calling and video calling to compete with other social networks. instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook already added voice and video calling features in their messenger application and WhatsApp.

these features will be rolled out for android and ios users from upcoming updates. snapchat already enabled video calling feature on their network. Now its time for Instagram to take another step to beat snapchat by adding new features.

insta calling

There is not much to think about it and it’s not a big surprise because facebook already enabled these features on their other social networks.

Also, check the Moded version of Instagram  Gb Instagram 

What you think, Facebook is adding unwanted updates to Instagram, or it will be another big step for facebook? let us know in the comment box

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