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How to use android apps on pc without bluestacks

how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks

There are so many reasons to use android on pc windows mac or any other system. Some people use android emulators for testing their apps, some people use emulators for personal purpose or those who don’t have an android device ( smartphones or tablets). Anyway, people use android emulators for different purposes. The only thing you need while installing an emulator is a powerful pc, That can run virtual os without lags.  Anyway, today e are to discuss with How to use android apps on pc without bluestacks.


Bluestack is the most famous and popularly used software for Android emulation. Bluestacks is compatible with windows and mac. This was the first android emulator to work without serious errors. At the early stages bluestack targeted for Gamers who love to play android games on their Windows or Mac system. But with some updates, developers, bloated bluestacks with unwanted apps and games and then most of their users migrated to some other emulators. But anyway in 2018 bluestacks is back with a clean UI named Bluestacks 4.

Android emulators are essential for those who are in android application development and enthusiastic gamers. We know you are here because you don’t like bluestacks and still want to run Android apps on your pc windows or mac. So here we show how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks. Follow this post to know much more.


How to use android apps on pc without bluestacks

how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks

Yes, you can run android apps and games on your pc without bluestacks. there are plenty of ways to run Android apps. and run Free fire for pc. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.


1 Arc welder  Chrome extension

Yes, you can install and run Android apps using chrome browser. You don’t need to install high-end Android studio or emulators to test your apps  What you need is an extension called arc welder. This is the easiest way to run and test your Android apps and games on pc. A great tool for developers to test apps with Apps Runtime for Chrome (arc welder)

What is Arc welder?

was a compatibility layer and sandboxing technology for running Android applications on desktop and laptop computers in an isolated environment. It allowed safely running the applications from a web browser, independent of user operating system, allowing the Android applications to run at near-native speeds

* How to install and run Android apps using the arc welder

There is no problem with which Operating system you are using, you can run Android apps without any problems all you just need is a Chrome browser.

Requirements to install and use Arc welder

  •  Working PC
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Arc welder extension
  • Apk File

 Download Arc welder

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Download Arc welder using this link Download Arc welder

Download Arc welder

how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks

3 Now click on Add to chrome

4 Now grant permission to install

5 Arc welder will be automatically added to your chrome browser

*How to use Arc welder

  1. After successful installation, you can see an icon of the arc welder extension
  2.  simply click  the icon and launch arc welder
  3. Now locate a path where you want to keep arc files
  4. Click on the add button and choose apk file
  5. Choose parameters and click on test.

That’s all you have successfully installed arc welder on our system now you can use android apps on pc without bluestacks.

If you don’t want to install Bluestacks then you can install some other Android emulators. just scroll down to know much more about other android emulators and to know how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks

2  Memu player

Menu player is an amazing android emulator which is fast and lags free. Memu player is specially built for Android gamers and it also comes with a lot of customization options.

3 Geny Motion

Geny motion Another Android emulator developed for Android app developers. You can download and install Geny motion on your pc without any problem . you can download geny motion from their website.

4 Andy OS

Andy os one of the best in class popular among Android app users


There are still much more android emulators are available for pc. you can install which one you need.  This is the best answer to the question how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks. You can also use casting apps to run your Android apps from pc


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