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How to install Kali linux on Virtualbox windows 10

kali linux

Are you an ethical hacker? or a person who really wants to know more about ethical hacking and penetration testing?. If yes then Kali Linux is for you.you can do most of the hacking things with kali Linux. So here we show you how to install Kali Linux on Virtualbox.

Before we begin let’s check what are the pros and cons of using Kali Linux on Virtualbox.


  • Your OS is completely safe. You don’t need to mess with your OS boot manager
  • You can install Multiple times
  • You don’t need extra hardware


  • You may encounter Performace drops.
  • Cant use Addon wireless Cards
  • Problems with some external devices

What is Kali Linux

how to install kali linux on virtualbox

Kali Linux is A Linux OS based distro for advanced security testing. Kali Linux contains a lot of penetration tools that can be used for security testing and hacking purpose.

Features Of Kali Linux

  • There are more than 600+ tools included
  • Free to Use and it always will be
  • Open source
  • Customizable
  • Multi-language support

and much more…

What IS Virtualbox

A virtual Box is a software used for Virtualisation. You can virtualize any OS in  Virtualbox. Virtualbox supports most of the Operating Systems. You can easily install multiple OS on a VirtualBox, All you need is a powerful processor with Memory capacity.

How to install Kali Linux on Virtualbox

So, let’s dig in. Installing Kali Linux on a virtual machine is a little difficult for beginners. So read carefully to avoid errors and problems.

Requirements (Before installing Kali Linux on Virtual Box)

  • Hard Disk: Minimum 25 to 30 GB  of Hard disk space
  • RAM: 2GB minimum  4GB Recommended
  • Network connection


Download Kali Linux Installer ISO file from Here – [button color=”green” size=”small” link=”https://www.kali.org/downloads/” icon=”” target=”true” nofollow=”true”]Download[/button]

Download Virtual box For Your PC – [button color=”green” size=”small” link=”https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads” icon=”” target=”true” nofollow=”true”]Download[/button]

After downloading Both files You can start installation process

  • First Install Virtualbox into your PC

Kali linux

  • After the installation process Click on New button

kali linux installation

  • Now in this window, you have to give a name to your OS and Select OS type.

Name : Kali Linux

Type : Linux

Version : Debian(x64)

KAlilinux on virtualbnox

  • Choose Memory Size: 1GB recommended

kali linux install on virtual box

  • Next You have to select the option create a Virtual Disk and click the button Create.
  • In the next window, you have to select VHD (Virtual Hard Disk Option)
  • From the next window Option Dynamically allocate and click next button

kali linux

  • Now name Your disk and allocate at least 25GB of disk space
  • You have successfully created Your virtual disk Now you have to Load Kali Linux ISO file. To do This, Click Settings Icon and select storage option.
  • From here Select optical drive icon
  • Now a window will pop up to select your Kali Linux ISO file.
  • Click ok

You have successfully loaded KALI LINUX ISO file. Now click On Load Button

kali linux

  • Choose Graphical install option to begin Kali Linux installation

That’s it Follow instructions to complete Kali Linux Installation On Virtualbox

Refer Video To know more about Installation


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