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How to enable Whatsapp payment and send money

WhatsApp recently introduced a new UPI based payment system in India. Do you know what is this feature? or you still don’t have this feature on your WhatsApp? or you want to know how to enable payment option on your WhatsApp number?  then follow this guide I will show you how to enable WhatsApp new payment system on your WhatsApp number and how to transfer money through WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp new payment feature?

You already know that WhatsApp recently introduced a new payment system which will allow users to send and receive money through WhatsApp. This new payment feature is based on UPI  payment now you can send and receive money from anyone with just a WhatsApp account and payment feature enabled in it.The money is directly transferred to account it will reduce transmission cost and save you more transmission of money become more secure and fast.

How to activate WhatsApp payment system 

This feature is currently not available for everyone because it is now under the beta stage and only for beta users, but soon it will be available for everyone.
if you want to activate payment system you need to download the beta version.
  • First, check  you have a payment option under WhatsApp settings tab  
  1.     first, select the 3 dots from your WhatsApp
  2     Now select settings 
 3   Check payment option available or not 
4 If there is payment option click on it.  if you have no payment option then you have to download WhatsApp  beta version  ( From below link )
After installation and set up your account and now you can see payment option under your WhatsApp settings tab         
  • Setup payment system 
  1.     select payments and  Agree and continue WhatsApp payment system


  2   Now it will ask you to verify your mobile number. verify your number through SMS and allow permissions

 3 if you have two Sim cards on your device then you have to select one of them ( select Sim card            which you have registered with your bank account)

 4 Now the time to select your bank account

5 Now you will see a setup complete message. click done and continue

You have successfully completed your WhatsApp payment system now you can send money to your friends.

How to send Money

  1. Select a contact from your contacts 
  2.  now click on the attachment and select payment option 
  3. Enter the amount to be paid and type a reason 
  4.  Now send your money and authorize your transaction using UPI pin 

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