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How to change name on Truecaller

How to change name on Truecaller

What is Truecaller

Truecaller is an android application which is used for Mobile number lookup, means you can find any unknown number owner within seconds. Truecaller app already has millions of mobile number database, so users can easily find any mobile number owner with truecaller apk. True caller application was developed by True Software Scandinavia Ltd. At first, truecaller started their journey with blackberry mobile devices and after a huge success, they have also released the application for other mobile platforms such as ios and Android. And now truecaller is a must need app for every android user. Today we are here to show you how to change name on Truecaller

Truecaller delivers a smooth web-based Caller Identification User interface for their users. This Application can give Full details about unknown numbers messages etc

How Truecaller Works

Querious about Truecaller working? Actually, there is no rocket science behind trucaller working, When you install Truecaller on your device, This app will try to send your personal Address book to their Servers/database. In this way, they can easily get millions of contacts. When you searching for some unknown numbers it will show details that stored in his Contacts list.

For example, I’ve already installed this app on my device and I saved  – 97678768     as  Mr. Xyz in my address book. And now If anyone searching for this number will result in a name with Mr. Xyz. 

So  I am sure now you have some doubts about how to change name on Truecaller. It’s really easy to remove number from truecaller or unlist your number from truecaller. You can even delete truecaller account and change your profile name. Follow this post to know an answer for questions like how to change my name on truecaller and truecaller change name.

How to change name on Truecaller

How to change name on Truecaller

So here we are let’s check how to change name on Truecaller. There is no doubt truecaller is an amazing application for Mobile number lookup and caller Id. But Sometimes Truecaller can cause big problems like a misspelled name or incorrect name. To overcome this problem you have to change truecaller name.

There are two main reasons why your number is showing an incorrect name

  • Someone saved your number with a Wrong Name in their contact list
  • Yo have registered for  a new mobile number and Truecaller is showing the name of the previous owner


So let’s check, how to change name on Truecaller. The best way to change your truecaller name is to install True caller app. You can download truecaler app from Play store for Android and if you are a ios user you can download truecaller app from  ios store


You can download Truecaller pro apk version from here

Android – Truecaller

iPhone – Truecaller

Blackberry – Truecaller

How to change my name on truecaller

Method one

For changing your name on true caller app you have to install truecalller application on your device.

  • Download install Truecaller app
  • After installing app  open or launch truecaller app
  •  Now you have to verify your mobile number through an automated OTP verification or Phone call
  • After successful verification open true caller application
  • Select menu and click on profile edit option
  • Click on change name and change your name

You are all done. From now your name will update in truecaller database.

Method 2

This is the second method. if the 1st method isn’t worked for you can use this method to reset or change your name on truecaller database.

  • First, you have to visit truecaller official website
  • Loin to your account using OTP
  • Now just go to profile section and change your truecaller name

that’s it you have successfully changed your wrong truecaller name.

Method 3 

In this method, you can change names using suggestion tool. True caller allows users to suggest a name for contacts. you can easily suggest a name for your contact from your friend’s mobiles.

 Common questions

  • Is truecaller safe to use?

True caller sends your contacts from your address book to their database . So if you have any private numbers number don’t want to be publically listed, please don’t install truecaller app. But truecaller only collect mobile number. information other than the mobile number will be filtered out by truecaller system. But anyway be careful while using True Caller.


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