How to Format or delete data from your stolen android device

stolen phone

hi, guys today I am here to show you how to erase data from your lost or stolen Android device. If you are searching for how to erase or delete data from your stolen device then you are at the right place.

Follow my guide to know how to erase or delete data from your Android device that stolen from you or lost

stolen android device

There is nothing worse than losing your smartphone, but what about after that? have you ever thought what will happen next?

what about someone else using your precious personal data from your stolen mobile device and they are misusing them. Yes, it will become a huge problem for you if you don’t take an action against your stolen device, taking back your stolen device from the thief is not possible for every case, that’s why am here to help you.


If you cant take back your stolen device then you need to protect your personal data. you can do it by erasing or deleting all the data from the device before its getting worse. with this guide, you can erase your data remotely.

If your phone still in your hands then do this now

Enable Find my device

if you want to erase data from your android device remotely then you have to do this first. Follow steps to enable find my device option.

  1.  Download and install ‘Find my device‘ from play store

stolen android device

2 Now go to google settings -> secuerity-> find my device

stolen android device

3 make sure find my device is enabled

4 Allow location access

stolen android device


  • Make sure you allowed remote lock and erase and remote location this device

well done! you have enabled find my device app to remotely control your device. it’s good to take precautions before its getting too late.

don’t store your precious data on SD cards because find my device app can only erase data on internal storage

format or delete data from stolen Android device

Yes, now its time take care of your data. you can erase data from your stolen or lost device with these simple steps

before starting the process  make sure that it isn’t lost

follow steps to destroy data from your stolen device

Erase data remotely

first, you have to go to this website using another Android device and log in

once you logged in,  find my device will try to locate your device remotely.if your device is on and getting signals from it then you can see the location on the map.and you can also see three options to control your device remotely

‘Ring it ‘ ‘lock’ ‘wipe’.

if find my device cant get signals from your lost or stolen device then it will report the location when your stolen phone turned on and connect to acellular or wifi network.

At that time you can erase all your data from the stolen Android device


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