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Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b for Windows

Android Multi tools V1.02 b For  Windows PC

Hi, today am back with a new android tool for your Windows PC. Actually, it is an android recovery tool called the Android Multi tools.
Android multi tools is mostly used by Android users and Android developers to recover the android device from an accidental pattern or pin locks. Users can remove/wipeout pattern or pin password locks using android multi tool with an easy single click. and another great thing about this software is you can also use this software for some other purposes like Checking device status, Fastboot mode, hardware information, factory reset etc..

 Android Multi Toools For Android

 Nowadays Android is getting more and more secure and new OS updates bring strong securities to android devices. Every android users use some kind of security locks to prevent unauthorized access to their Android devices such as pattern locks or pin locks. yes, it’s really secure their device. But still, most of the  Android users sometime forgot their passwords, pattern locks or pin locks.
Have you ever thought about what will happen if you forgot your password? if you already have a Gmail id opened in your device and you know mail id password then it will not be a big problem for you, you can easily recover your device using this mail id. But what about other? Damn sure that they can’t open their locked device. Some of them may go to a service center or mobile repairing shops to unlock their locked android device.But there is a problem that, they may lose all precious data stored on their phone and it will also cause privacy problems because repairing shops can easily recover your data and can be used for some other purposes. So what will you do now? How to recover your Locked android device without losing Your precious data? is there anyway?  Yes, that’s why we are here. Here you can get an amazing software called Android multi tools. With this software, you can easily recover your locked android device without losing any of your precious data. You don’t need to use any other android tools and drivers to recover your device. All you need to do is download  Android multi tools from below links. We have already updated this android tools into the latest version android multi tools v1.02b.
Android multi tools
So with this Android multi-tools, you can easily rest your android device patterns or pin locks without losing your precious data. You don’t need to visit your service centers to recover your device. Just need to download this amazing password remover tool from below links. A must need software for android mobiles and tablets.

Android Multi tool v1.02b

Name Android Multi Tools
Size .35MB

Android multi-tools is a program which allows the user to perform some tasks like resetting pattern locks, wiping data, check bootloader, check download mode etc.. Check below-mentioned requirements to download and install android multi tool on your pc. Currently, this android tool is only available to the windows platform.
download the best pattern lock remover tool for your windows pc and unlock pattern and password locks
Warning – is not responsible for anything happens to your device use  This tool at your own risk


Please check requirements before downloading android multi tools software to your windows pc.

  • Working Internet connection  (For downloading)
  • PC running on Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10)
  • Android device (Smartphone or tablet)
  • USB drivers/Google USB drivers

Features of Android Multi Tools

  • Reset or remove pin or pattern or face locks of any android device without losing data
  • You can reset your Gmail account of your device
  • Check your device on fast boot mode
  • Reboot your device
  • Reset Facelocks
  • Easly Launch the command prompt
  • easily Wipe complete data
  • Check your hardware informations
  • Check your software informations
  • Check model name Emei etc.

Download and Install Android Multi Tools

Downloading and installation of android multi tools is much easier than any other software.  Follow below mentioned steps to Install and run Android multi tools on your Windows PC.


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  • Download android multi tool from the above link
  • Unzip using Winrar ( or any other unzipping software )
  • Double click  Android multitools.exe file and run it

How To Use Android Multi Tools

After successful installation of android multi tools and requires Android USB drivers you can use android multi tools to remove your android device password locks.

android multi tools

After Extracting the downloaded file you see  files like in the above screenshot

Click on Android multi tools v1.02b .exe file to run the android tool, after that you can see a window like below

android multi tools

Grant permission to run android multi tools on your Windows PC
Now choose a number and press enter
 numbers and corresponding action
Press 1  –    To heck device Info ( You can get complete information about your device )
press 2 –     To reset Face, Pin  or pattern locks( Rest your forgot face and pattern locks )
press 3 –     To reset Face /Gesture Lock (This option let you reset Gesture locks )
press 4 –     To reset Gmail Id (don’t worry if you forgot your device mail id and password.)
press 5 –     To Wipe Data (wipe complete data from your device with a single click)
press 6 –     To Reboot Your android device   (you can reboot your device even from an unbootable stage)
press 7 –     To Check your device in fastboot mode (check fastboot working or not)
press 8 –     To wipe cache/data on fast boot mode ( wipe out cache memory from fastboot mode)
Press 9 –     To Exit Fastboot Mode
Press 10-    To Go To Command Prompt ( open command prompt with a single click)
Press 11 –    To get Software Information( complete information about your software version  and developer)
Press 12 –    To Get Hardware Information ( complete information about your hardware )
Additional Keys
   Press R –  To report Or contact Developer ( if you encounter any error use this key to send a report to the developer)
   Press D –  To Driver Download  ( esaly download driver for your device)
   Press E –  To get Help ( if you have got any problem pres this button to get help)
   Press O –  For sending Donation to The developer ( support the developer by sending a small amount of donation)
These are the keys you can use in android multi tools to recover your Android device from pattern locks and other problems.
We hope our guide to install and use android multi tools will help you. If you have any problem with downloading or  installing the program please feel free to comment below

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