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Download and install Android Multi Tools v1.02b for Windows

Download and install the latest version of  Android Multi-tools V1.02 b on your Windows PC

Hi, today am back with a new tool for your PC.  If you are an android user? then this tool is for you.
Android multi-tool is widely used to remove pattern locks or pin locks of android devices.But as per the name says you can also use this tool for the various purpose.
Nowadays Android is getting more secure. every one uses pattern locks or pin locks to secure their Android device. But still, many Android users forgot their pattern locks or pin locks. if you already have a Gmail in your device then you can recover your device. but what about others?.
 some of them go to a service center or mobile shops to unlock their device.
but you will lose your data. But here with this tool, you can remove your android locks without losing your data.
This is the best option for any Android users to reset their android patterns without losing data
So with this Android multi-tools, you can easily rest your android device patterns or pin locks without losing your precious data.

Android Multi tool v102b 

Android multi-tools is a program which allows the user to perform some tasks like resetting pattern locks, wiping data, check bootloader, check download mode etc..

  • Working Internet connection  (For downloading)
  • PC running on Windows OS
  • Android device 
  • USB drivers 

Features of Android Multi Tools 

  • Reset or remove pin or pattern or face locks of any android device without losing data
  • You can reset your Gmail account of your device 
  • Check your device on fast boot mode
  • Reboot your device 
  • Wipe data
  • Check hardware info 
  • Check software info
  • Check model name Emei etc.

 Android Multi-tools V1.02 b

  • Download tool from above link
  • Unzip using Winrar
  • Double click  Android multitool and run  it
  • connect your device through USB cable 
  • Select option from the window 
  • Hit enter

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