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Camera mod for oneplus5 to increase image quality

hi geeks are you a oneplus 5 user ? do you want to increase your camera quality? then you are at the right place here i will show you how to increase your oneplus5 camera quality by deceasing  image compression.

you can increase your photos quality by installing this mode but you need root access and a custom recovery like twrp.
This mod focused to increase the quality of photos taken with your oneplus 5 camera by using a mod which will decrease the image compression on your oneplus 5

Mod to decrease image compression on opplus5

quality of your photo will increase to 100%
denoise will be disabled
sharpness will be added to photos before they are processed
you can chose front camera sharpness  from the settings

download onepluscam mod

 you can install the mod using twrp

for more details refer xda thread (source)

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