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Best Lucky patcher alternatives 2018

Lucky patcher alternatives

We know Lucky patcher is the best app to crack any apps and if you are searching for the best alternative app for lucky patcher then you are at the right place. Here we tried to list most of the best lucky patcher alternatives. Just like lucky patcher app, you can also use these apps to crack your games and apps.

Lucky patcher alternatives


The Lucky patcher app helps you to hack your games and apps and helps you to unlock premium professional features like disable ads, game license verification, converting system apps to user apps and user apps to system apps and much more. If you don’t like lucky patcher or lucky patcher is not working on your device then you can try some apps which replaces lucky patcher in some functions. Lucky patcher is the most widely used cracking app but if you want to try some more then you can follow my post to know more about best Lucky patcher alternatives.

Lucky patcher alternatives

here we tried to list some of the best apps to replace lucky patcher. you can use these apps to crack your games and apps.


1) Cree hack

if you are familiar with android game hacking then you may know this app. Cree hack is an app which is used to crack games. Cree hack is mostly used in high-end mobile devices. If you have any problem with lucky patcher or lucky patcher is not working on your device then you can use the Cree hack app to crack your game. The best thing about the Cree hack is that you can use this app even without root access. Your device doesn’t need to be rooted to use this app.

Best –

  •  Work without Root Access
  •  Regular updates
  •  Can be used to crack any games
  •  user-friendly UI

2) Freedom App

Freedom app is another app which is also used to crack apps. freedom apk is mostly used to hack games, freedom apk will help you to earn more coins or gems in games. If lucky patcher is not working then you can use freedom apk to get unlimited coins gems or whatever you need in your game.Get premium apps for free

  • Get premium apps for free
  • Power to hack most of the games
  • specially designed for game hacking
  • Root access is required

4) Leo playcard

Leo playcard is another app which can be also used to hack games. Most of the good games are need to be purchased before you can play, with Leo playcard you can play any premium games without purchasing them. The best thing about Leo playcard is that it doesn’t need root access to crack yo9ur favorite games

  • Easy interface
  • Fix bugs and errors
  • root access not necessary
  • most of the games  can be cracked

5) SB Game hacker

SB game hacker like the name says its a popular game cracking app totally built to crack any of the popular games and helps you to get premium options like unlimited gem, coins or whatever you need to complete the game.If your android device cant run lucky patcher then this will be the best alternative to crack games.

  • Crack most of the games
  • Easy interface



most of the android users don’t need to root their device because of losing data and privacy risks. if you are one of that person and don’t want to root your phone then this app is for you. You can use this appsara to crack games without rooting. Appsara is an  in-app purchasing app. Appsara is also available for ios devices.


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