best antivirus for android phones free and paid (2018)

best antivirus for android

Android phones tablets are part of our life now.We cant live without our android phones and tablets, but have you ever think about the Android virus and malware which steals our account details and personal data?. yes, that’s why Android antivirus apps are still remaining one of the most wanted applications for Android phones and tablets.So here I list the best antivirus for android phones free and paid.Antivirus apps are essential for every android phones. Follow my post to know the best antivirus for android phones free and paid versions.

We know that we use our smartphone to communicate with our friends and relatives, we use our android smartphone to surf the internet, use social media and even use for money transactions. Have you ever checked your android smartphones are secure for your all online money transactions?.No  most of us even don’t know how secure is our smartphone?. If you are a daily mobile user who always use mobile phones to transfer money and personal data?. then you must need a strong security application for your android phone which can protect you from most of the viruses and malware.

Best antivirus for android phones free and paid

So let’s start.Here I list you the best antivirus for android phones free and paid versions. you can check every app and download which is most suitable for you.

1 BitDefender

best antivirus for android Bitdefender antivirus is one the best antivirus software available for Android phones both paid version and free version are available for download. The paid version comes with a lot of deep scanning tools and virus protection tools like malware scanner account privacy, VPN, web security,anti-theft, app lock wear-on and privacy-adviser. Malware scanner comes with 100% detection rate and it also includes all new security features.You can also get a free version with advertisement. Bitdefender also provides 14 days free trial for the new user so they can understand how effectively Bitdefender works and compatible.

best antivirus for android

DOWNLOAD (free)                                             DOWNLOAD  (paid)

2 Avira

best antivirus for android We know that our smartphone holds all our personal data and important files like emails, photos, credit cards and debit cards and browser histories.So it is important to install a good antivirus software on your android smartphone.There is Avira take place the best antivirus software for Android. Avira is an award-winning security app. you can use Avira to protect your device from malware and virus attacks. Avira antivirus is easy to use and gives you a clean user interface where you can is all the features and options at a time.There is both paid version and free version available for Avira mobile security.The free version includes antivirus, Anti-theft, blacklist, and privacy advisor. in other hand paid version gives you more features like web protection, support, and hourly updates. Avira can protect you from viruses, trojans, malware’s, ransomware etc. Avira uses artificial intelligence and cloud systems to increase the user experience and security.

best antivirus for android


3 Androhelm security

best antivirus for android Androhelm is another android mobile security. What special about Androhelm security is Androhelm is packed with a lot of features than other security apps.Androhelm can protect your Android phone from virus attacks and malware attacks. Androhelm has more features than any other security apps like wi-fi security, Data monitoring, ad detector, separate Sd card scanning, call filter (you can block calls from unwanted numbers), booster (you can boost your device with option) and some more security options and function. Like any other security app, Androhelm also provides regular database protection and backup.Both free and paid versions are available for download. The free version comes with limited features and options and the paid version comes with additional features and deep security scanning options.

best antivirus for android


4 Kaspersky Mobile antivirus app

best antivirus for android Kaspersky is an another most popular and widely used antivirus software. Kaspersky is available almost every platform like windows and android. Kaspersky can protect your Android device in ways even you cant imagine. Kaspersky promises you there will be no chance for a virus to hide in your android phone. Kaspersky enables real-time antivirus protection for your android phone.kespersky will protect you from malicious websites and apps that will steal your identity and money.kaspersky have some great features to protect you from identity theft and malware attacks. kaspersky internet security app has also one great feature which will help you to lock your android phone if its get lost or stolen, it can also locate your stolen or lost android phone and if you want to ton wipe your data then there is also an option for wiping your stolen device. you can also manage Kaspersky internet security app remotely connecting to android smartwatch or some other wearable Android device. kaspersky is an all in one app to protect your Android device and all personal data on it.Both free version and paid versions are available downloads. free version with limited features and paid version with additional features and options.

best antivirus for android


5 McAfee

best antivirus for android

Another best antivirus for android. Technology changes every day but you know? it will bring new threats too.McAfee app will protect you from all new threats and virus attacks. McAfee notifies you unsecured wifi connections when you connecting to a wifi network. just like any other antivirus apps, McAfee has its own unique features and options. you can try them all and you can keep the ap if you want it. Like other android antivirus protection apps, McAfee has also both free version and paid version.


the above list may lack some famous best antivirus apps. I will update it as soon as possible.

download and install the most suitable app for your needs.

the best antivirus for android phones.

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