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Best Android Emotional Game with good storyline

Are you looking for an amazing Android game with an emotional sad story which will make you cry then you are at the right place.  Here I will show you the best android emotional game

When gaming comes to mind I always think about games with good story and that should be an amazing one.Now everyone uses their android devices for entertainment listening to music watching movies and of course playing amazing games.

so today am here to share a post about an amazingly beautiful game with a good storyline.

Brothers a tale of two sons

Brothers a tale of two sons – in my views this is the best game I ‘ve ever played. Brothers a tale of two sons is the best android emotional game.

  death always plays a crucial role in our life. this game also starts and end with death. this is a story of two brothers names Naiee and Naia they start a journey to save their dying father.

they travel through an unbelievable amazing land with forest caves waterfalls mountains bridges. they are tasked to find healing water from a sacred tree for their father.

Rating – 4.2
requires – 4.0 or higher
Type  – Aventure

Visually brothers a tale of two sons is an impressive game with good background music, you can feel the music even after you stopped playing.

  • Gameplay – well-placed controls
  • Graphics- stunning graphics with lots of details
  • Music- amazing music with strong sense mythology
  • storyline -wonderful storytelling 

brothers a tale of sons is a magnificent  story of their journey to the  tree of life
 I am sure that this will be the best android emotional game you will be ever playing on your device.
  don’t waste your time to download other time wasting games just download and play this amazing android game.
  the best emotional android game. this is an example of true art

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