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Best 5 apps to control your kids mobile usage


Nowadays we can’t live without technology and our smartphone, Technology is updating every day, and we use smartphones and others communication devices, we can’t live without them.  But have you ever think about our children, they are using smartphones from their early age and, now most of the kids are addicted to the smartphone and some of them are facing cyberbullying.  if you worry about such things you can follow my guide to know what precautions should you can take with these best 5 apps.


Best 5 apps to control your kids mobile usage

these best  5 apps will help you to control your kids mobile usage, you can select one app from the list that suits to you

   1 Ranger pro  mobsafety browser

mobsafety Mob safety ranger browser is a browser control app which will allow you to control your kid’s internet usage such as usage time limiting, filtering, accessing histories. can also blacklist unwanted websites and URLs like porn sites and other gambling sites. Ranger pro browser is a fully customizable parental controlling app.

   2. Dinner Time

dinnertime Dinner time is another parental controlling app which will help you to control kids mobile phone, you can lock and unlock mobiles remotely. you can set time limits for study time, dinner time, bedtime etc. This app now only supports devices running on Android. so you have to make sure that your kids using mobiles or tablets that runs on Android platform

   3 Famigo

famigo Famigo is little kids who use your smartphone for playing games and other activities. you can download this software for free from family sandbox website. Anyway, the free version is limited with features and options. but you can find interesting additional features and option from a paid version. with this mobile app, you can set which app your child can see and use.

   4 Snoopza

snoopza Snoopza is another parental controlling app. Snoopza can be used for both small kids and teenagers who are addicted to the smartphone. if you want to track your teenage kid’s mobile usage and activities without letting them know then snoopza is for you, snoopza will do the job for you. snoopza will track down all the activities from your kids mobile and send it to a secure web panel. you can access it by logging into the site. you just need to create an account on snoopza website to download the app, and after the download finish you have to install this app into your kids mobile, then it will start working in the background.

5 Shield my teen





shield my teen is another parental controlling app especially for teenagers.shield my teen app comes with filtering technology which will allow you to filter unwanted websites and URLs from your teenaged kid’s websites like porn sites, gambling sites, unwanted social media and more other unwanted websites. And it also allows you to monitor text messages and caller details remotely.shield my teen is a free app and you can download and install it from play store.


if you need to protect your kids from cyber crimes and smartphone addiction then you should need to try one of the above-mentioned best 5 apps.

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